Windscreen wiper and headlamp upgrades 

Prices for wipers and headlamps vary according to each vehicle. Please call or email your requirements along with full vehicle details 

Are you looking for replacement headlight bulbs? Are you happy with the performance of your standard bulbs? Did you know that simply by changing the bulb you could get an extra 90% more light on the road, making for safer and more comfortable night time driving?

  With drivers spending more time on the road at night than ever before, where poor visibility conditions make driving a dangerous experience, upgrading your headlights have never been so important and the result is a greater reaction time to deal with any dangerous situations.

  The latest innovations from Philips and Osram have led to a new range of  xenon bulbs which will deliver up to 90% more light than standard. There's no need for any modification to your vehicle, all that is changed is the bulb. 

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Are your windscreen wipers juddering, smearing or are noisy? Wiper blades are vital to ensure the you can maintain clear visibility in all weather conditions. Upgrading your current wipers to flatbeam/aerotwin wiper blades maximise wiping quality, have a much longer life and produce much less noise than traditional blades.

If you are unsure of how to fit wipers or bulbs, then for a small fee they can be fitted for you.